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Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail
Ralph Waldo Emerson

A view from The Lady of The Lake B&B across Skaneateles Lake

Winter Views from The Lady of The Lake B&B

Each and every morning we take a brisk walk. We step out the door of the Lady of the Lake B&B and low and behold...AN AMAZING THING HAPPENS!

In our busy lives we are all able to witness a wonderful sunrise every once in awhile, but in Skaneateles, should you decide to take a morning walk from the Lady of the Lake B&B, more often than not you will be blessed with a spectacular sunrise most any time of the year! And Winter Sunrises are especially BEAUTIFUL! Don't you agree?

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Visitors from around the world arrive at The Lady of The Lake

Thus far in 2017, the Lady of the Lake has hosted visitors from over a dozen countries around the Globe.

One evening while sipping a glass of wine on the front porch, we started discussing the number of tourists from outside the USA that visit Skaneateles, NY. We started counting our guests on our fingers and quickly resorted to using our toes as well! We were amazed as we tried to recollect over the past four months just who stayed with us and where they were from around the world.

Just to verify that our math was indeed correct, we went to our records and sure enough, guests from more than a dozen different countries visited The Lady of The Lake B&B and beautiful Skaneateles, NY! In 2017, to date, the Lady of The Lake B&B has hosted visitors from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Colombia, England/Great Britian, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey and Uruguay. It has truely been a delight getting to know each and everyone of them and we hope to see them all again very soon!

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The Gardens at The Lady of The Lake

The Gardens at the Lady of the Lake are just beautiful. A classic, 'Krinkled White Peonies' is from the 1920s but is still popular today thanks to its pure white petals and sunny yellow center.

Why We Love It: The sturdy stems hold beautiful white blooms that are a perfect pairing with 'Blanc Double de Coubert' shrub rose. 'Krinkled White' is also a good choice for the South as it needs a little less cold than most.

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Lady of The Lake Version of Mediterranean Pan Tomate

A typical breakfast in the Northern regions of Spain, Pan Tomate ala Lady of The Lake.
We take a few extra steps to make it like no other pan tomate ever before! Topped with vine fresh tomato pulp, spanish olive oil, fresh garlic and herbs.

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Generally we drive cars to graduation! Not in Skaneateles!

The Skaneateles Class of 2017 is no different than most graduating classes...except, family & friends arrive by boat! What? Really? !! Yes, a typical graduation in Skaneateles is nothing short of beautiful and serene. The parents and graduates alike gather by the water-front gazebo to celebrate a momentus occassion, their next step in life! What's truely wonderful and different about a Skaneateles graduation by the lake is you can attend by boat if you so choose! Definitely unique and what a way to beat the traffic!

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 from the Lady of the Lake!

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